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Hi Robin and the Forum,

I was just today reading about the Soul in The Book of Secrets by Dr. Chopra. How synchronous of you to bring this up today! 😛

“The underlying reality is pure potential, which is also called the soul. I know how abstract this sounds, and so did the ancient sages of India. Looking at creation, which is filled with objects of the senses, they came up with a special term, Akasha, to fit the soul. The word Akasha literally means “space,” but the larger concept is of the soul space, the field of awareness…

Imagine a house with four walls and a roof. If the house burns down, the walls and roof collapse. But the space inside isn’t affected. You can hire an architect to design a new house, and after you build it, the space inside still hasn’t been affected. By building a house you are only dividing unbounded space into inside and outside (pg 164-165 Book of Secrets).”

This helped me with insight into the nature of the Soul. I hope it does for you, too! So far as I understand so far, the Soul is knowledge of the self (YATU and the specific). Spirit is understanding that same Self…and there are levels of consciousness beyond understanding.

Let me know what comes through for you! <3


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