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Hi Jennifer, good to hear from you!

I am so glad you mentioned The Book of Secrets. I have had it by my nightstand for a long time – I actually had the good fortune to meet Deepak and have him sign it during a weekend workshop in Upstate NY several years ago. I found the book fascinating at the time, but not something to read straight through–more like a codex capturing ancient wisdom to dip into and reflect on when the spirit so moves.

I love the analogy of the house: the space remains when the structure is gone. A nice analogy. So would you say, by extension, that even when our physical bodies are gone, what was contained within the bounds of flesh and bone and muscle and microbiome and nervous system and physical and mental processing is still here–just released from the structure and activity of mind-body-ness?

I want to ponder this notion a bit. I wonder how others of our #YATU tribe sit with soul-as-timeless-unbounded-being?

Now I have another reason to go back to the Book of Secrets, too! Thank you for your sharing this, Jennifer.

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