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Deer Deepak,

Thank you so much for all the loving work being done by you, your coauthor, and your team. As you explain throughout the book, “the body is a modified form of awareness” and the “mind/brain are models of reality.” The intricate mural of reality is co-created by our consciousness, as You Are the Universe contends. I not only know this intuitively, but physically. As I was diagnosed with a rare chronic disability at a young age, I was used to listing all that I could not do. And though I was told by medical professionals I was stuck with the disease forever, a strong resistance boiled within. That’s when I first started to notice the effects of this truth through small changes in my self-perception. I then found your book Reinventing the Body, Resurrecting the Soul: How to Create a New You, in which you attested genes could be turned on and off. If this is true, I thought, I don’t want arthritis anymore. I want to be able to hold a coffee mug or dance without pain. I became conscious of how I was treating my body, and how my internal treatment was linked to my outer being. I began listening to my intuition and really trusting it for the first time. I became honest with my feelings, rather than trying to “nice” them away. I had falsely believed that reaching “perfection” would deliver me. Meditation and self-reflection became daily practices. And the more attuned to my own self I became, the more physical strength I gained. Soon the pain and swelling were distant memories of a past, caged life. Every aspect of my experience, from what I wear to which mode of transportation I choose (usually myself!), has been impacted by this consciousness shift, and I know I’m still in the early stages of recognizing the results. I am humbled and grateful to be transformed by a simple truth that still shocks me to say to myself: You Are the Universe! Thank you both for sharing the realization of infinite possibilities with the world in hopes of empowering us all to live a fruitful, loving, conscious journey—in each moment. I now recommend BOTH of these books at every opportunity!

Light and love,

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