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Aurora Carlson
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Hello Robin!
Such a great discussion your question has brought us, I’m grateful to you, @jenniferl and @richard ! 🙂

Like you, I make a distinction between the term “soul” and “spirit”, where spirit is what the authors of YATU call pure consciousness (p. 243):

… thoughts, sensations, images, and feelings […] are the contents of the mind. Remove the contents and what remains is pure consciousness, which is silent, unmoving, beyond time and space, yet filled with creative potential. Pure consciousness gives rise to everything, including the human mind.

While spirit (pure consciousness) is that which gives rise to everything, soul is spirit on its way to matter (a state of consciousness between spirit and matter). Deepak has during the years described the soul as karma+memory+desire, which means that it is a certain pattern, in consciousness. These patterns exist on many levels, so there is a universal soul, a forest soul, a human soul, a British soul, a dolphin soul, etc.

The soul could be said to have one foot in spirit (timeless, transcendent) and one foot in matter (timebound, personal), and these soul patterns are not bound by clock time but also not free of time altogether. In different books by Deepak I have found the term “cosmic time” which corresponds to my observations of different lifetimes my soul has experienced.

To summarize, I would say that soul is the impulse giving rise to an experience in consciousness spanning through cosmic time and expressing itself as a series of different physical identities in linear time, all following a particular energetic pattern.

🙂 Any thoughts?