Reply To: What is Soul?

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Aurora Carlson
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Hi Richard, I completely agree with your definition:

The soul is consciousness itself (apparently individuated).

I also delighted in reading the materials on your website and much appreciate your referral to SQ, but I do have another view. If I understand you right, you are saying that spiritual intelligence comes from the soul, and if so, then I don’t really agree. In my view, the soul is in many cases conditioned and carries wounds it is working on through its incarnations. The soul is in other words in most cases still identified with matter and not with spirit, the soul is spirit with spots of amnesia 🙂 Spiritual intelligence is what guides the soul (and the person) on the journey to self-realization as pure consciousness.

I do agree with you that a first step to evolution from the personal level is to discover and open up to the level of soul, but I would say that the journey continues, or even better, the journey is in reality the journey of awakening of the soul to its true identity as spirit. Also, I would not consider SQ one point in a triangle with EQ and IQ as the other equal factors. I would say that SQ is on a completely different level than the other two and any opening to more SQ results in an increase in both EQ and IQ.

How does this resonate with you?