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Aurora Carlson
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Hello DDBB, a warm welcome to the #YATU community!

I very much enjoyed reading about your experience of watching the video, I love your enthusiasm and I share the appreciation for Deepak’s natural style. I guess self-knowledge and self-acceptance on all levels has this effect, and he demonstrates how totally relaxed and enjoyable life can be for us all.

I found your follow up thoughts and the implied question interesting:

I am not sure that computers may not eventually develop consciousness

After reading You Are the Universe I would say that the authors’ message is that consciousness is not something that is developed from matter. Yes, this is the physicalist view which is very widespread and most of us are conditioned from birth to believe it. But the whole book is a presentation of why that can’t be true and why it is much more rational to see consciousness as the ground from which matter and also thoughts and feelings arise.

So DDBB, if matter doesn’t give rise to consciousness, then robots won’t either. Matter doesn’t have thoughts and emotions. Consciousness does. Matter doesn’t think. Consciousness does. Robots don’t think and neither do humans. Consciousness thinks 🙂

You see what I mean?