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Aurora Carlson
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Hello Angie, a warm welcome to the YATU forum! 🙂

Thank you for your interesting question, I’m looking forward to answers from the authors!

You know, when reading your post, the thought that came was that you have made a journey in awareness, your point of view has shifted, so what you are actually wondering is if your new point of view is valid, or maybe, more correct than the prior one. Is that so?

I am asking because I recognize this from my own journey. One of the first things that struck me (like lightning!) at one early point on my path was the opening of my awareness to other lifetimes. It happened very suddenly and simply, while watching Deepak on a scene for the first time I started to see him in different persons, all within stories I recognized as having been “my life” at some point. I was so shocked that I managed to tuck it away for a while, until the next time I found myself at one of his workshops, where not only did he lead an exercise in… let’s call it past life watching (like bird watching 🙂 ) but I spontaneously had even more recognitions.

All that was very spectacular, especially as I was viewing it from the point of view of a person. But during the years, much through my work as a healer, constantly tapping into people’s stories, I came to the same conclusion as you did, that what is tapped into is simply the field of consciousness, the stories or patterns unfolding there, of which people and their lives are physical representations.

So I would say that reincarnation is the recycling of energy and information in universal consciousness.

Would be nice to know how this resonates with you. I also wonder what @robin, @richard and @jenniferl would think of your question, we are having an interesting discussion about the soul which is related: What Is Soul, maybe they want to share here too?