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Hi Aurora! Thank you for sharing your profound wisdom. I love this distinction between the soul having one “foot” in matter and one foot in spirit. I see an image of the Jolly Green Giant with one foot on each side of a deep valley, essentially bridging the divide. (Helps to have a little fun with the subject!)

But it also neatly illustrates your excellent definition:

“Soul is the impulse giving rise to an experience in consciousness spanning through cosmic time and expressing itself as a series of different physical identities in linear time, all following a particular energetic pattern.”

Interesting that you mention soul patterns and specifically that of dolphin soul–I had a “dolphin dream” many years ago that sticks with me to this day. I am swimming in a river or canal that cuts through the heart of a city. Faceless high-rise buildings line each side of the waterway. The water feels pleasant. A dolphin swims up beside me and offers me his flipper. I grab it and he carries me in dolphin embrace on a wild ride, gliding fast through the water. Everyone is astonished; he’s never done this before. I feel honored. I get out of the water and the dolphin stays close by. Someone – a minder – asks me if I will take care of him since he clearly chose me.

This dream struck a powerful chord in me. It feels at once nurturing, creative, thrilling and hopeful.

I have, since childhood, been in touch with non-physical realities: frequently communicating directly with my father after his death in 2003; experiencing multiple life regressions—a fully felt artistic life in prehistory; a mother registering loss and unbearable sadness in Jerusalem in the time of Jesus; a gypsy singer in 19th century Italy, and a legislator close to President Lincoln.

Are these stuff of the imagination? Is it my soul experiencing different karmic patterns (and are these the same as archetypes?), as you suggest, and dealing in that level of consciousness to learn from the qualia of these experiences? And is the wisdom of the soul accessible in all times/all states–that cosmic time or consciousness you remind me that @Deepak talks about?

I don’t know–but it is my “felt sense” that these are all soul manifestations in experience. And the “I” that experiences them in different states/times/beingness, is continuous and interconnected with the “I” that I now am. I am that I am, right?

As Passover starts tomorrow, I am reminded that, in mystical Jewish writings, there were 600,000 souls–representing “all” of us in all times and places–at the foot of Mount Sinai when Moses “went up” to receive God’s word. And all of us here today were present at that moment when God pronounced the silent Aleph (first letter of the Hebrew alphabet–which is not pronounced) of the Torah. That silent syllable was so powerful, it overwhelmed all of those at the foot of the mountain; only Moses was present enough to hear it. His job was to capture God’s wisdom on a tablet to carry it down to all the souls–to translate it in a way that we could all understand.

We–speaking of a society-at-large that is so far from that understanding today–are still beneficiaries of that word, but have lost our way. We need another mountaintop experience to remind ourselves that we all can manifest the word of God, if we open our minds and ears to the silence.

Thank you for sharing your wisdom, dear Aurora! So much to reflect on as I prepare our seder.

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