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To the thinkers of the world:
What view on the origin of the universe makes most sense to ‘YOU’?

I have been pondering existential plausibilities since I could ponder.
Certainly indoctrinated from childhood, I had a hard time accepting anything as universal or truth, as I was taught not to question the unquestionable. But I believe there is an answer to all questions for the patient and seeking.
This is an excerpt I wrote in one of my classes that asked a similar box breaking question. What do I have to show for my time on Earth?
Full write up here:

To further set the stage, allow me to provide a logical trail of plausible events that
support an idea of universal desires shared among all human beings. Science teaches us to
observe and accept no truth until it can be observed. Science also states we were once a dense
ball of super mass containing both everything and nothing at the same time. Recently science has
enlightened us to the possibility that the entire universe along with its creation is the result of
random chance caused by the laws of quantum physics. So with science at the cusp of reason we
will start there. If we were once a ball of super dense matter contained in one location then the
fragments that make up our consciousness were there as well. Again following this idea of one
big bang being the center point for all creation, we must assume that higher and lesser forms of
consciousness were there as well. If all that can and ever will be can be gathered into one place it
must be safe to assume that the singularity may actually be self aware. For the purpose of
argument I will now refer to this central consciousness as God. If God decided to expand and
become the universe and disperse himself among all things, which obviously happened as there
are trees and birds outside at this very moment, then one must ask himself if God is still aware of
all things proceeding the disbursement. It is simply inconceivable to fathom the limitations of a
single being who is able to place planets and stars precise enough to sustain life. Just the
conditions needed to qualify as a habitable planet are both mathematically improbable and
wondrous at the same time. Regardless if communication or even simple awareness is achievable
with God, there must be some sort of formula to living that supports a healthy self­image.
…If we go back to our idea of an expanding consciousness,
God, then we might be able to fall back on the uncertainty of Him being readily accessible. Since
this is an unanswerable question, then we might be able to use our imagination, which is also
apart of this created universe. If we imagine and or believe we are connected to God then we
would be able to inquire for help. If, like we said before, God expanded and we are a small result
of that expansion, would he not desire to commune and gather with the pieces of His expansion?
Considering our desire to be loved and remembering desire is a part of us that makes us human
would that not be a shared trait with God or The Greater Consciousness that in the beginning
created us? God must desire to be with us just as we desire to be with our children.

It took me a while to fall into the big bang theory as a creationist, but I certainly believe that’s how I would have done it to make a grand entry into existence.
As far as pre-big-bang, I believe this lyric from MeWithoutYou stands for reason:
And just as a Flower and its Fragrance are one so must each of you and your Father become.

I believe the whole process of life, is to return to that beginning state where we were Echad with the singularity.

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