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Hello @angie and @Aurora (and yes, Aurora, the tagging is working–so helpful in connecting to other conversations!)
It’s so exciting to discuss this with like-minded souls in this forum!

As I said in response to Aurora’s question in our What Is Soul convo, I, too have had many past-life and other-life form experiences. And like your spontaneous regressions, Aurora, sometimes these come unbidden. I went to a place called Lily Dale in Upstate New York last summer–it is the oldest continuously running Spiritualist Community in America. I don’t know if they think of Spiritualism as a religion (I think so) but it was popular in 19th century America, based on direct contact with Spirit, or what we know today as mediumship.

So as soon as my friend and I arrived, I felt this heavy energy all around me and started channeling my grandmother. I had never been able to have a conversation with her in life–by the time I was born, she had had a series of strokes, was bedridden and had lost her ability to speak. I feel that as a loss in my life, and indeed, I felt a sense of choking, and my chest was heavy as I awaited meeting with the medium.

But here she was talking to me plain as day, about my mother, and how she grew up, and the conflict between her and her siblings (my mom is youngest of 6 – and is 99 now!). Things my mother has never even talked about.

Finally, once I went in to meet with the medium, my father came through. I have talked to him often–but then he and my grandmother both began to interact through the medium. (I got the sense that my dad was “with” my grandmother–not sure how else to refer to this). They reported things that no one else could have known and that I verified afterwards with my mom (not telling her how I knew them, though–my mother would have censored the very idea!)

Anyway, later, my friend and I went for a walk to a congregational clearing in the forest, set up for services. There is a place they call the Stump, that mediums come to “preach”. It’s beautiful. They don’t stand atop the tree anymore because the Stump was being destroyed from wear, but the energy there is still strong. I took a photo with my phone, and saw a line of orbs in the photo. I took another and another–the orbs were getting stronger and larger. My friend took a picture of the same space with her phone and there were no orbs. Then we traded – my photos with her camera also showed orbs. Hers with my camera did not. It was puzzling.

A group of women also visiting came to the Stump, and we asked if any of them was a medium. One woman was–I showed her what my phone had captured–without sharing any of thecontext, story or explanation–just asking what she saw. She immediately said, “Oh, that’s grandmother energy!” I then shared my experience channeling my grandmother, and she acknowledged it was coming through in the orbs. I then asked her name. She said, “My name is Angie.” Reflexively, in a kind of knee-jerk response, I blurted, “Angie, you are my angel.” She looked at me oddly, and said, “My mother used to tell me that all the time.” She seemed to know it was her mother’s energy win that reply.

My understanding of this experience is that we all are privy to these experiences at any time if we open our senses to the possibility that reality is nonmaterial, and outside of all space and time, and where our attention goes, the energy flows.

And what a miraculous gift to access that awareness!

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