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Hello @robin, @richard, @Aurora, @angie and the discussion forum!

Here’s my understanding so far with this discussion about, “What is the Soul?” (what an inspiring topic!):

Time as an entity has no power over the Soul or Spiritual aspects of any being. Time is created and employed by the indwelling entity or true self. Anytime space is created, we have time, experienced on many levels of consciousness, even to the Divine. The key is that it no longer rules the indweller; rather, it is employed as a vehicle of expression; where time can be manipulated. This is why we never want to tell ourselves we are running out of time because we create a time deficit. It’s better to say, “I have plenty of time.” After all, you created time.

The etheric body is closely associated with the physical plane. I’ve read studies on children who have incarnated with birth-defects, and subsequently had past life memories of injuries in the location where the defect was located. This is interesting work and worth studying; however, the etheric body is not entirely the same as the Soul Body, from what I understand so far, which resides above it. The lessons of the personality are still being worked through, and the lesson repeats.

The Soul is the vehicle of expression to a greater entity, the Spirit. At the soul identified level all knowledge is given to us, and the Eternal Now is experienced. The repeated cycles of the personality are overcome. Karma, as understood so far, is worked off. We are no longer bound to the earthly planes (or the three planes of man – physical, emotional, and mental planes comprising the personality vehicle), though we still have our expression there through the physical body, energetically understood. The experience of duality is also overcome, by an large, and we remember God is. There is a distinction in that the physical planes no longer holds sway, or has power over the indwelling conscious entity. Most cultural conditioning, limiting beliefs, and time-bound experiences have been overcome or transmuted into the higher awareness. The lessons of the personality are mastered and the consciousness of the indweller no longer resides there (Self Mastery is developed, though Enlightenment is considered Buddhahood and resides between the Spiritual and Soul aspects).

The Spiritual level of consciousness is identification with Our Father in Heaven (as one way of expressing this), and where it is said, “I and my Father are One.” It’s identification with the divine creative aspect. At this level of conscious awareness the Soul-infused Personality is the vehicle of expression, and no longer bound to time conditions of the earthly plane, as mentioned above.

Even as I write this I’m asking myself, ‘What is Buddhahood, then? Or what is Enlightenment?’ And what I see so far, is that Enlightenment is the ability to express one’s self as a completed unit of energy. Some also call it Christ Consciousness. This is the point of attainment of Siddhartha as he sat under the Bodhi Tree, and brought through the needed lessons for all of us to remember.

What an amazing discussion. We can ask ourselves, well, how do we know? And, really get the ball rolling.;P I look forward to hearing more.

Richard and Angie, I’ve already met Robin and Aurora (whom I’ve come to adore!). It’s also a pleasure meeting you, here, on the YATU forum, as well. I look forward to everyone’s posts!

All my love, <3