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Aurora Carlson
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Hey Seth, you have such a great way of putting things! 🙂 Of course I know that power, in the yogic tradition it is referred to as “Shakti”. Power or simply emanation… it is always moving from the non-manifest to the manifest, but also, as you say, it is moving things forward, meaning that there obviously is evolution. Evolution of what? Here too, people will give different answers, some pointing to the evolution of species (matter), some to the evolution of species of consciousness as I’ve heard Deepak call it.

I too think that the powerlessness at the base of the whole structure of our present civilization has to be questioned by those who have realized its unreality. So glad that we have all gathered here on YATU, people like yourself, @erik , @jenniferl , @robin , @paul , @kalkin and everyone else, to affirm a deeper truth!

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