Reply To: Einstein and Tagore: Belief in a divine in relationship to humans &.the world

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Aurora Carlson
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Dear Richa, I’m sure Deepak and Menas will soon give their wise answers, but in the meantime, here is mine:
I would say that the key is in Tagore’s words “infinite personality of man”. We are from birth conditioned to consider ourselves finite beings, in other words defined by a particular physical body and by the mental activities of a socially conditioned mind. But those who are on the spiritual path expand that definition by letting go of all kinds of conditioned assumptions. Step by step, we realize that our physical “boundaries” are to be found no where, that our being is infinite in both time and space, and ultimately, that it transcends timespace. We discover, in other words, that our personality, or mind, is in reality infinite, that it contains all physical expressions, and that we as humans inhabit a universe created by the human perspective. What we see as the universe is simply a projection, a manifestation, of the human mind, which is one of the infinite possibilities of perceiving/creating in the wholeness of consciousness.

The divine being IS the world. Unconditioned consciousness has a higher (more expanded) perspective than conditioned consciousness and can observe it “from above”. Step by step, we stop projecting divinity outside of our own consciousness and realize it is the deeper reality of our own consciousness. We stop projecting God as something outside of us and realize that God is what all physical and mental experiences are “made of” and in which they occur.

Does any of this make sense to you dear Richa?