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Thanks for bringing me to this discussion, @aurorac. Your mention of “emanation” reminds me of similar wisdom derived from the study of Kabbalah:
EMANATION, a theory describing the origin of the material universe from a transcendent first principle. According to this theory, the universe, which is multiple, is generated from the One, which is unitary, through the medium of a hierarchy of immaterial substances. The ultimate source is undiminished, while the beings which are emanated are progressively less perfect as they are further removed from the first principle. The process is conceived as being atemporal.

Sounds familiar, does it not? So the wisdom of #YATU is ancient and fundamental–found across religious and spiritual traditions. Could it be that the “we” who are “in time” at present have forgotten this knowledge? Or has it been repressed for some reason by those who fear its power, delivered into the hearts of all who dwell on Earth, might deprive those who would “lord” power over us with earthly power structures and appealing to the fear-based reality of the ego-mind?

As I write this, it strikes me how the language of the Old Testament (and presumably the New Testament, although I am less familiar) actually sets up these power structures. After all, Who is Lord? Is that found only in God, or in the “I am” that is the indwelling spirit?

IDK, language is so limiting, but it mimics the Ultimate and is derived from the Ein Sof in the best way we humans can emulate it, I guess.

What do you all think?

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