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Aurora Carlson
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I fully agree that hoping or imagining that one is that is in no way that 🙂 But nevertheless, we all ARE that. Everything IS that. The more one becomes used to letting go of not only thoughts but also sensations, perceptions, images, of everything that arises, the more it becomes clear that that is all there is.

You have described that state, maybe you mean that you have read about it but not experienced it. Under all the surface activity of mind, that state is there for us all. It’s so fascinating how attention can sometimes cling to some belief, a cloud temporarily clouding the sky. Let it 🙂 The sky is always there of course, and all that is needed to experience it is a shift of attention and depth. It doesn’t happen through effort, only through letting go.

To be aware of being doesn’t mean that the other layers do not have their usual needs. One can be aware of being and also aware of the habitual needs of the body on annamaya level for example. There is no resistance there, no need for resistance, as there is no identification with that level anymore or anything else in maya. All of that can continue, one is not that anymore but can choose to allow it all to be. Depth doesn’t deny surface, it simply sees it for what it is, a temporary imaginary structure in itself.

All it takes is really seeing through identification with the unreal. It just takes sitting down and letting go. It’s inevitable that the mind settles and the truth shines through. For me it often causes a big belly laugh. My body starts dancing. It’s just so wonderful to be.
I really don’t think you need to see it as complicated. Letting go of complications reveals sheer joy <3

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