Reply To: Readers Ask: Why Do We Create Ego?

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Thank you for this great response @menask. So ego is not real but appears real because…we believe it to be so? Begging the question, do we NEED our egos (and if yes, is their primary evolutionary function to keep us safe from animal and human predators)? And to your second question (asking a question to answer a question–this is quite Talmudic) about how real the ego’s desires are–only as real as we believe them to be, no?

So if I let go of the ego, our Passover Seder will be perfect tonight even if the matzo balls are heavy (except for those who like them light and fluffy). That is a relief!

Inviting my sisters in this quest towards greater awareness, @aurorac and @jenniferl, to offer their wisdom here, as well!