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Hello! @menask, @robin, @Aurora, and YATU community,

Many blessings for your Passover Seder, Robin! I love hearing about your celebration!

So, I’ll jump into this discussion with my understanding, so far. I think each of us contributes something unique – as gifts to one another – and I really appreciate reading everyone’s posts, helping me clarify my own thoughts on the matter. ;P

I agree with Dr. Kafatos that death is to the ego. However, my understanding so far, is that the personality is another name for the lower ego, and even those who cross over (“die”) for us may still hold on to the personality. This may be true whether or not they are identified with it. After all, we’re talking about energy. The form is the illusion, here.

The ego/personality is the vehicle of expression to the higher Self, meant to be subdued, rather than have control over the indwelling consciousness. As I understand so far, evolution happens as the expanding awareness supersedes the lower nature, sending the lower form to its rightful position – below the threshold of consciousness – where it becomes the automaton, functioning as a unified whole to the greater self, now identified with.

So, what we’re talking about here is letting go of the limited self – anything which says I’m the lesser unit in a greater whole. When what we’re trying to wrap our heads around is how we are the Universe.

Robin, some have even said that every point of awareness is equal to every other point in awareness. The sense of lesser or greater is to the ego self. The state of pure awareness knows itself to Be and pays no attention to the limitations of the ego. <3

Aurora, I think that even when we let go of the ego, we can take sheer delight in eating matzo balls, knowing ourselves to be one with them, and in a few moments, even closer to oneness with them. ;P

Much love to all!

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