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Hi Aurora,

Thanks for asking! I’ve actually experienced what most would call “paranormal” activity as some of my oldest memories. These include seeing shadows and full apparitions, voices, and footsteps. I’ve also had water turn on in empty rooms and have been locked out of the house when I was the only one home. In terms of apports specifically, I’ve experienced things going missing like we all have and was not quick to shout “supernatural,” though there are two instances I’m confident were paranormal, cases in which the energy did not come from me. With the first, I came home enraged one afternoon and actually threw my keys down the front hallway(!). A small voice told me I would regret that, as it was in my best interest to control my temper. I immediately walked to where I tossed them, then hunted for hours, moving and removing every box in each closet without a trace. My husband also helped in the search. We pulled out each item of every room and closet. After six months, we tried again. We never found the keys.

The second involves a friend’s cane that belong to her late father. She had lost it somewhere between her house, our college campus, and my place. We checked everywhere we could think of, multiple times. We investigated each of the vehicles, and moved our search inside my house again. Noticing the garbage bin was getting full, I took the trash out, walking past the cars in the garage. Less than a minute later, I returned, and stopped in place as my heart rate skyrocketed; the cane was in the back of an otherwise completely empty SUV. My friend, and the two others who were helping in the search, could not believe it, insisting I was playing a prank.

I believe each of us has a connection to spirit that goes beyond our intuition, beyond meditation, and that this powerful truth has been systematically hidden from us. I have seen the transition of paralyzing fear in a thought that death is the end to the beautiful confidence of knowing we survive beyond the years etched on our gravestones. What do you all think? What have been your experiences?

Be well,

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