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Dear Aurora,

Thank you for your reply. This makes sense.

When a child is born, he or she is infinite in his/her potential. The child is then given a name and is conditioned socially. The child receives a name for his/her physical body from the parents, and finite boundaries are set as the child grows up. Let us assume that the child’s name is Richa. When the child wants something like food and water, the child Richa says, “Richa is hungry/thirsty and wants food/water. Slowly, the child associates Richa as “I”! Then the child learns to understand “I”. Growing up, the child learns to substitute name for “I” and becomes socially conditioned to say, “I am hungry. I want food/water.” The word “I” is often linked to ego self. Soon, the child learns mannerisms and practicality of surviving in the material world. And the infinite personality of man becomes finite personality of man.

It is such a challenge to be infinite in our thinking at practical levels. We should be having a childlike heart, so that we don’t be egoistic and just be. Just be infinite in our essence.

As Dr. Chopra cites William Blake in “You Are The Universe,” “Hold infinity in the palm of your hand.”

Like you said, the divine is the world. Divinity vibrates in every particle of nature. God is inside of us and around us at all times. The essence of being in every moment is divine.

Thanks again for your message, Aurora. I hope to hear from you and Dr. Deepak Chopra soon.

Deepest regards,


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