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Aurora Carlson
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Dear Bernlern, it’s so nice that we can smile together, from the wisdom out. As a PSM instructor, you know the wisdom beyond words. I’ll continue to use words and call it “the presence beyond words”. That presence, when one has released and transcended the restless activity,that presence is … present (oh, the limitation of words!). It is alive. It is aware. It is not a construct, it is beyond constructs, holding all the constructs in itself, maybe “descending” into them and giving them “reality”.

What I’m trying to say is that everything is a construct except that which IS beyond constructs. So even if the words “consciousness” and “awareness” are simply words/human constructs, the awareness you are whenever you go beyond constructs in meditation is not a construct.

What is the point of writing a book about it all? Well… what is the point of any mental or physical activity? You tell me! 🙂

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