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Dear @robin (and all!),

You brought a smile to my face this morning hearing your stories about Jewish traditions and consuming Matzo balls. I enjoy reading your insight, even when my traditions and background come from a different perspective. I was brought up Latter Day Saints (Mormon)in my elementary years, and because of my spiritual experiences early in life and deep interest in metaphysics, I transitioned from being a Mormon school girl, to spiritual, not religious. 🙂 I love studying cross-cultural religious symbols – as probably many of us do on this forum – as a way of understanding our true nature in God.

I think it’s so beautiful how you say the following:

“BUT, what is important is the metaphor of the Exodus in human development terms as a reminder that we are, as humans, in a trajectory to lead us out of the slavery of ego (Egypt) towards the freedom of conscious awareness (the Holy Land). And while we may be waylaid for 40 years or even millennia to wander in the desert, God is always here, waiting for us to climb that inner mountain towards freedom.”

This seems to be a universal truth, uniting one and all. The journey towards freedom can be said so many different ways, and here, the way it is said brings subtle images of the soul’s journey throughout the ages, repeated for us in parables. I love the imagery! Thank you for sharing this!

Much love, light, and many blessings to you and yours during your celebration!