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@jenniferl, I have to laugh about this as well. As you may have seen in previous discussions, I have just published a teen time travel adventure novel, Edge of Yesterday, that officially launches this Saturday. I was reading through the book–already in print–to post a chapter online in Goodreads–and found that my publisher missed a typo in the text (this, after 3 proofreaders + myself, several times).

In a nutshell, the typo, that relates to your reference of those who “die” and still hold on to their personality: my protagonist, 13-year-old Charley Morton is in a fight with her BFF Beth over Beth’s sudden obsession with boys. In fact, Beth comes for a sleepover and then ditches Charley when the latest object of her affections, Lex texts her and then shows up at Charley’s door to steal Beth away. Charley is mystified at this “new” Beth, who has dyed her hair blue and who, as recently as a month earlier was another brainiac like Charley. Beth gets in trouble, of course, and ends up grounded. She later sends Charley a “selfie” holding up the word “grounded” on it.

In the book, the mistake is that when describing Beth’s selfie, it says her hair is “died” all blue and black. Of course, it should’ve said, “dyed”. My publisher, chagrined, apologized and promised to correct the error immediately but, she said, “My only hope is that teen readers will possibly think we were playing with language (die/dye) and doing an edgy take on Beth’s bad hair coloring choice.”

I told her no worries–this error was not “to dye for!”

Ego out of the way, except when it comes to 13-year-old girls, forming their personalities and that whole adolescence thing! 😉