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Aum Krishna
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Dear Aurora

Thank you for accepting my comment as it instead of questioning and complicating the questions and then clarifying them. As the forum is to express views I did, but I found they were being deflected toward what you and the authors believe to be true. (I’m just saying that I find it superficial and so the book title is).

I see you mention nothing to be annoyed but to be honest the way you all speak… I keep reading this “cosmic consciousness or (God or whatever)”. These are the words used,’God or whatever’! Im sure you don’t mean it but atleast don’t speak like this, in this tone. I’m confident you don’t refer your parents in this manner. Eg. My mother or whatever you call her..

May I tell you, I have found, you yourselves do not respect others views. Please respect that people at large believe in God refer to HiM as our father in heaven, please show some respect when speaking and accept views before channeling people toward what you think is correct based on your theory without any references.

I have referred the Geeta because the author of YAtU himself endorses it, that’s all. So if we weigh The Geeta and YATU, you can analyse what content is validated and correct yourself. Of course that would happen only if God Himself wants you to.

Anyway, Im not asking u to believe what I do, the way you have been in the forum.

PS: I heard a story in my child hood. Someone so adamant wrote GOD is Nowhere and immediately a storm struck and changed it to GOD is NOW HERE.

Thanks for your last comment it was nice to read. Do please convey my message about referring to God, with a positive tone, to the respected authors I’d be grateful.

May you have joyful realisations as well. Amen.

Aum Shanti Shanti Shantiihiii..