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Aurora Carlson
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Dear Aum Krishna,

I hear that your view of me and everyone on this forum being disrespectful of God is annoying you. I hear that you have not read the book discussed here but consider it superficial. I hear that you wish that we shared your view.

I am sorry that your view annoys you dear Aum Krishna!

As I see it, there is no greater humility than realizing that God, Yahweh, Elohim, Jehovah, Shàngdì, Tiānzhŭ, Cheon-ju, Maykapal, Omnipotens Deus, Nkosi, Jah Rastafari, Olodumare, Allah, Ar-Rahman, Al- Rahim, Khuda, Huwa, Parvardigar, Bahá’, Ishwar, Dieu, Dios, Krishna, Baghavan, Ishvara, Brahman, Akal Purakh,(thank you Wikipedia!) or maybe Goddess, Spirit, Higher Self, Being, Presence, or whatever name people give to the source and highest reality of the world … is consciousness itself. The realization that personal identity is a construct in consciousness makes it quite clear that God (or whatever you wish to call it) is here right now, beyond the constructs and playing with these constructs, beyond emotions and experiencing all possible emotions including anger and joy, beyond all qualities but containing all qualities, including arrogance and humility.

There is no greater humility than giving up the idea of ego, giving up the fear, arrogance and struggle that come with isolating one name, gender, background, book, idea or aspect of God and clinging to it as the only reality. There is no greater freedom than realizing that, like the Buddha said, the right view is all views or no view.

If I give up my attachment to the delusion of being something other than what you also are, then there is no conflict possible. As separate identities, we are constructs in the same consciousness. The realization of unity comes with a peace that is something completely different than good manners. Hand puppets can only disagree and in general interact with each other with any seriousness so long as the puppeteer has forgotten that the right and left hand are in reality the same being. As soon as the puppeteer remembers, of course, they can continue to hit each other or hug, but it will be with the joy of knowing it’s all play.

To whom shall I convey your message dear Aum Krishna? If you wish to be in a more joyful state than the state of annoyance, you probably know what is needed. I wish you peace, joy, love and fulfillment!