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That is a beautiful question. I believe that soul mates share their energy with one another, and this exchange of energy merges their unique experiences into one consciousness.

I remember reading Dr. Deepak Chopra’s, “The Path to Love,” and am citing from the book:
“If you are the world, how can you be conscious of it? Consciousness and the world appear and disappear together, hence they are two aspects of the same state….As long as the mind is there, your body and the world are there. Your world is mind-made, subjective, enclosed within the frame, fragmentary, temporary, personal, hanging on the thread of memory.” (P. 296)

Yes, we experience a unique journey, but ultimately in our spiritual journey, awareness, being, and love cannot be destroyed. You are in love when you know you are love. Love evolves and expands life. We grow by following the flow of love. To love, one has to be lovable to his or her soulmate. Love’s organizing potential is infinite.

Dr. Chopra says in “The Path to Love,” “expansion of consciousness is the road to ecstasy.” In my opinion, eternal divine love is ecstasy. Ecstasy takes you away from ego limits.

When we exchange energy with our soulmate in a divine state of mind, we experience cosmic ecstasy. Some of us attain liberation and become citizens of the universe. Attaining moksha means, we have realized the following: “I am That, Thou art That, All this is That.” We experience an end to karmic bondage and become one with our soulmate. Then we can experience merged or one consciousness. Union is complete when love becomes boundless, infinite and unconditional.

Shiva is divine masculine energy. Shakti is divine feminine energy.
As “The Path to Love” describes, “Shiva is silence. Shakti is power. Shiva is creativity. Shakti is creation. Shiva is love. Shakti is loving.” (P. 236) When the cosmic energies, Shiva and Shakti, unite passionate flow creates divine unity consciousness and infinite creative potential. Marriage is a play of the divine. When soulmates come together, their love, power, and spirit are one. Two soulmates come together in divine love and become merged or one consciousness.

I hope that makes sense.

Deepest regards,


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