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Good day Dr Deepak Chopra,

I recently joined this forum. I have been on ‘You are the Universe’ topic for days now, watching all the videos as well as reading all the articles published and cracking my head trying to figure it out. It is mind boggling and difficult to digest but I have made up my mind to agree with you that I’m the consciousness, not my mind, not my body.

I have OCD (intrusive thoughts) due to some trauma happened 20 years ago. So my question is if I’m the consciousness, why is it that I’m sabotaging myself by producing these intrusive thoughts. Worst still these disgusting thoughts are directed to Hindu Goddesses. Every time I have these disgusting thoughts I become disturbed and anxious. How come the psychiatric medication I’m taking is helping me but not my consciousness no matter how much I try. Therefore, could you or someone in this group help enlighten me with what’s happening to me.

If you ask me honestly, I hate to be on psychiatric medication but I do not seem to have any choice. Is there anyway out by using me (I mean my consciousness)

Thank you so much,

Your ardent fan,

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