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Derek Whitney
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Thank you Sara for the question, Aurora for the encouragement to respond and Richa for outlining beautifully what I personally resonate and completely agree with.

My own personal experience of awakening, which is ongoing, first occurred in ‘seeing’ from beyond my eyes the divine in another I had only met 10 minutes before, I sensed something deep was being recognised and shared, without knowing at the time what it was.
When we first tenderly kissed that same day, which was unexpected in itself – a ‘knowing’ that true Love was being shared was strongly internally communicated.

It was the further informed only on reading Laurence G. Boldt’s ‘TAO of Abundance’ 6 months later, where he writes of what merge consciousness is, that I immediately knew that this was what had been blissfully experienced.

Sadly the divine other that I shared that experience with, reverted to human form and thought processing of all not long afterwards – while to me it has never felt honouring in ceasing to reverentially and with deep gratitude appreciate the divinity of what was shared.
As Richa so aptly puts it, the’infinite creative power and potential’ of what was shared. It was boundless, fearless, formless, completely transcendant and it gifted me the highest experience of knowing my non form being – infinitely moreso than any other experience of this life.

I carry the lived learning of ‘knowing’ all that ‘we’ could have been and shared – while observing how human identification with form and thought reduced and reduces literally unlimited everything to nothing.

It is a fascinating experiential learning and one that I feel called to share as part of the book ‘Feltness’ that I am currently writing.

The Feltness being a divinely received term for the non abstract, literal truth of the invisible, sensitive (Loving), intelligent energy of the Universe that we all, at essence are.

Namaste to all and how cosmic it is to be communicating with a small growing global community who live from the Oneness/Feltness shared.

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