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What view on the origin of the universe makes most sense to you?
Do you consider the creation process of the universe to be in any way connected to your own creativity? Why and how?

Have not read the book yet but I have been exploring consciousness and the levels of existence (mind, body and spirit) for many years now.
The origin of the universe is “nothing’. The true nature of reality is ‘Nothing’ a non material field of possibilities, the source of the universe where the raw materials of the physical and mental universe are all contained as potential. This field is formless, does not occupy space and it is timeless in that it is eternal. It is also referred to in physics as non locality, meaning it is spread everywhere.
The creative process of the universe is absolutely connected to our own creativity because at the deepest level we as body minds are expressions of consciousness, of this field of infinite possibilities. The infinite field is a field of creativity permeated with intention. Intentions come from your inner being, our consciousness, our true self. Intention orchestrates creativity

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