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Here is a question from Deepak and Menas: Is the universe alive in the sense that life is one of its primary properties? And is also the underlying reality Consciousness, which means the other primary property is conscious Awareness? If the answer to both is yes, then randomness may allow for free will and be the driving force, rather than lead to the multiverse with no purpose, no aim, no direction.

I do believe that the universe is alive in the sense that life is one of its primary properties. The universe is also the underlying reality consciousness and conscious awareness, both. Randomness does permit free will and is the driving force. Multiverse exists, but there is an infinite purpose, aim, and direction.

Our meta universe or multiverse is one of many universes in infinite terms. All together, these universes compose each and everything that is existing. The entropy in the entire universe increases over time.

Like Dr. Chopra and Dr. Kafatos mention in “You are the Universe,”You are an island of order.” You can keep on eating food, drinking water, and breathing air, and your body will naturally continue to take care of its trillions of cells. Photosynthesis started billions of years ago. When we return to back in time, any system will indicate a greater orderliness in space and time. A rotting tree could return to being alive and growing. Life evolved on planet earth regardless of what was taking place in the rest of the universal galaxies. Conditions for life on earth specialized later onwards. Life evolved randomly. The early universe probably developed through random chance. This is a miracle.

The molecules in our brain cells are fixated into specific chemical reactions. Life is one of universe’s primary properties. Photosynthesis and cellular respiration on earth are ancient interdependent phenomenons in life. The universe is alive, as life is its primary property.

The reality consciousness is conscious awareness. Your consciousness is the ultimate biological basis of your thoughts and ideas. If you maintain a healthy intent in your reality consciousness and your conscious awareness, you will reach out and create ideas that are more positive in their nature, ever healthy in their expression, and bring you closer to divine universal consciousness. You are the universe, and the universe is you. You are the consciousness and the consciousness is you.

Every experience happens in awareness. Awareness is reality consciousness.
Consciousness is a quality of awareness.

Based on multiverse, possible laws of nature unfold infinite times over. On earth, two headed cows are rarely born, unless there is a mutation. In multiverse, this is possible, as there are infinite possibilities. As Dr. Chopra and Dr. Kafatos point out in “You are the Universe,” do not forget that “the universe is self-organizing, driven by its own working processes.”

The universe is powerful and so are you. As Dr. Deepak Chopra says, you can create the entire universe with consciousness, whether it is cosmic, divine, unity, or soul consciousness. Choices are made in consciousness. You must awaken yourself awarefully and see. What you see is an activity in your own consciousness. One must move to higher consciousness and experience joy, creativity, and infinite energy. Consciousness is the only reality. When you go deep, you will discover choiceless awareness, and hence, you allow the universe to flow via yourself. You then become instruments to the evolution of the universe.

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