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Derek Whitney
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A question for Deepak

I (humanly and perhaps erroneously), based on all the evidence – believe that the Source intention for the creation of all form is to continually deepen the experience of Love and beauty which it does utilising an almost unlimited myriad of form and form experiences.

An important one of these is pain.
For just as in each individual human, with each lived experience of pain, the capacity in each human to be Love ie: to be more empathetic, more compassionate, more understanding and more forgiving of others, more tender, more playful etc so too it seems Source , via the human species, just as with the dinosaurs, deepens it’s capacity to be Love, via the ever greater lived global experiences of pain.

Which would point to all current lived dysfunction, including wars, eco-destruction, slavery, mass captive and inhumane farming of other sentient beings etc – may well be that all of the perceived insanity, is serving exactly as it is intended Source intention in deepening the Source capacity to create even more wondrously from Love.

Because we are here now and some of us are more awakened to divine truth than most – it makes it an interesting possibility to accept. That we are simply and profoundly meant to hold and be the knowing Source within the form, while the carnage plays out, also holding a knowing that deep within, we are contributing to the eternal ongoing pure Love capacity of Source to go even deeper in it’s wondrous unlimited ‘Formless Oneness’ Love based creation of all’.

I would welcome any thoughts that you and others have in response Deepak.

Peaceful, Loving Easter regards from Lennox Head, Australia

– Derek

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