Reply To: Readers Ask: How Does The Formless Become Form?

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Aurora Carlson
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Dear @lilianna-deveneau , thank you for sharing your experiences! It’s great, isn’t it, that we can share them here without worrying about them sounding strange, haha… I guess most people here have had similar experiences, and when you think of it, it is like Menas wrote in his answer to you on this thread: the formless is form. The formless is those keys, and when it gets mad at its key-being, it isn’t keys anymore 🙂 I too have realized that I have to be careful with intention, for if I just let it out mindlessly, I am sure to have to fix what I’ve broken! On the other hand, it is as easy to become the forms I wish to be without complications. So maybe if those keys need to be back of some playful reason, you can simply wish them back 🙂

To me, the funniest part is that all of this is a game of hide and seek, or forgetting-remembering, that I play within my own consciousness. Sometimes I find myself searching for some object out there, or trying to repair something like an electronic device… and I only do that until I remember that all I need to do is become the intended form. Which of course fixes the issue right away 🙂
To me, the conclusion is that we not only have a connection to spirit, we actually are spirit and nothing else. As to death… it’s a concept, isn’t it? A beautiful way spirit has, of turning another page in the imaginary book of adventures “out there”, outside of the Self.