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Good day, and thank you both for your responses!

I appreciate having this space in which to explore with my fellow beings of consciousness! I’ve found that sharing experiences, especially those seen as bizarre, has a profound possibility for healing, and running from truth is both impossible and exhausting! In fact, I’m partaking in Deepak and Oprah’s 21-day meditation challenge, and today’s thought is “When you are real, you have infinite hope,” and discusses how telling your truth opens the pathway for others to do the same. Hope is another formless entity, and a powerful one!

In fact, some of the most “real” experiences we have as humans are unseen. For example, what does love look like? We’re tempted to say if we can’t see it, it doesn’t exist. Yet, as Menas reminds us, “formlessness is form.” The reactions of panic attacks are indistinguishable to those of someone physically under threat, so the fear and its consequences are just as authentic. Aurora, the “forgetting-remembering” of which you spoke resonates with me along these very lines! And I love your example connecting the problematic electric device to your consciousness; how smoothly our experiences flow when we step out of our own way and trust the universe!

Thanks for helping me adjust my sails, as each conversation creates invaluable insight.

Light and love,

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