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By goals hard to accomplish I mean big goals that are hard to accomplish for others as well. For example, if you are missing a friend or relative and you want them to contact you, it is quite probable that the phone will ring. Even if you are ill, you might use all the laws of manifestation and it is quite probable that you will recover. But if you desire a table to move on its own without anyone touching it, that won’t happen. Similarly, if you want to wake up the next morning in a completely different avatar, let’s say as a queen, that won’t happen. I am just giving examples of some scenarios. These are not necessarily big things but are hard to accomplish. If in the quantum world, everything is possible then that means literally everything is possible. Why does the scenarios that I have described do not occur. There are those theories of parallel universes so if parallel universes exist, each of the above described scenarios is already occurring in some parallel universe but it is not being witnessed by the person who desires to manifest such realities here.

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