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Shivansh Mahajan
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I believe that being present in the universe and not participating in it has no real meaning.
Reading ‘You are the Universe’ stimulated my insight into this belief a lot more. I feel that human species and other life forms, and in fact all the matter as perceived in the physical world has to have a role in the matrix of the universe. On a physical level, we participate in the universe through interactions in the biosphere and also through space exploration. Whereas on a spiritual level, expressions of love, peace and compassion reflect through vivid transformations in one’s life and thus, make us active participants of the universe. I have strongly fell in love with the idea presented in the book that the only universe we can ever observe is in our human experience or ‘qualia’. I cannot agree with this more both on an intellectual and spiritual level. A clear testimony of our participation in the universe is the ‘observer effect’ from Quantum physics. If all observations in this moment have their existence depending on our mere act of observing, then we hold the trump card in the universe. Though this may feel scary or hard to wrap our heads around, in a spiritual experience this appears to be a joyful reality.

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