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Aurora Carlson
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Thank you so much for clarifying MC, it makes it easier to understand the viewpoint your question comes from. I think that in the book, the authors hint to the way more and more things turn out to be possible with deepening self-awareness, and that is my experience too. You probably have noticed this too, that most people have no idea that one’s friend will call if one silently invites them to, that one can recover from sickness with simple intention, these are not possible things for many people. And then… some among us have opened up to these possibilities and even more. I know that in moments of maximum openness, things have happened I would not in my wildest fantasy have imagined possible, and some of these possibilities have slowly become “normal” to me. But others, as you say, still seem far-fetched. Will be interesting to hear the authors’ take on it.

In the meantime, do you or others have any theory about why it is so?