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I’m not too sure I follow your question.

“..the universe and disperse himself among all things, which obviously happened as there
are trees and birds outside at this very moment”

“Where are the trees and the birds you described, and also the big bang, and God, the planets and stars and the universe- right this moment? Where are they being created, right now?”

The birds and trees are as they have always been since after their creation.
The big bang is still dispersing, the God who triggered it is still within and outside it, never truly absorbed or taken over by His undoing.
This state of entropy is the hot stove lesson for all of humanity, the highest creation.

Right this moment? What will be will be let it be. What is has been and will be until it is no more but even then it is never truly gone.
Where are they being created right now? Electrons, are the echo of the creator. Both wave and component of particle, this is the smallest essence of creation. Within all things is the power to create and destroy. Electrons can be converted into other forms of energy but all have their own power house of unfathomable reserve. Made of waves, this particle does what it is set forth to do with immense precision and intentionality. The force it was made to resemble, holds all of these things and prays we witness His mass provision for the most sensitive of our intricacies. He prays to know you and for you to know Him. It is the force that desires to bring the reverberations of Peace and Joy and Love and Stillness and Wealth to your soul. Not the shallow tangible things we escape in daily, cars, stereos, tvs, bigger and better, lusts and idolatry. These are all conjurings and man-made appliances designed to distract us from the mundane and provide fleeting hope until the sweet taste of death. There is life beyond death and it is meant for now.
Creating has become sustaining. In a world of entropy it is my cry to shout stability! Stability in relationship with the only One who is anchored outside it.
I may be off an a tangent and for sake of not loosing you to perceived chaos without reason.
The reason is the chaos is evident. But so is the beauty. How do you reside in the beauty without being scorched by the chaos.
The Truth is, the scorch keeps your mind focused on finding others who are being consumed by the scorch.
It’s a kid drowning in 2 feet of water, STAND UP. Your circumstance does not need to consume you! You are a powerful force compiled of the only force who witnessed creation! You HAVE CREATION IN YOU! Commune with Him and find that not in your strength but in strength of surrender and reliability have you come so far as to not flinch by the scorch.
Creation is ours to preserve and to sustain. Don’t go down with the ship! Gain wings and fly above it! Know Him, Know Yourself!

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