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Aurora Carlson
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Dear Richa, I don’t think you should worry about right or wrong, we are discussing not only terms, but different levels of perceptions, which all are right from that particular point of view.
I agree with @Shree that multiverse is a term used to refer to an infinite number of universes that cover all conceivable possibility, and I also understand your view of a macrouniverse as a conglomerate of microuniverses. But whenever I go on such thought-trips, I always return to the obvious: all of them and all of this is simply constructs in one undivided limitless, level-less, space-less, time-less but fully alive consciousness. That is to me what is always real. So answering Menas’ question from the perspective of this one undivided consciousness, yes it is alive and aware, and it experiences all possibilities and perspectives within itself.