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Aurora Carlson
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Dear Eric, sorry if I have been unclear. My question came after reading your words:

If God decided to expand and
become the universe and disperse himself among all things, which obviously happened as there
are trees and birds outside at this very moment

I know that most people see it this way, but if you think of it… aren’t the trees and birds you contemplate arising in your own consciousness at any moment when you either think of them or actually look at them?

Whenever we say that things are out there, we forget that all we actually know is that they are qualities of experience (or qualia as the authors of YATU refer to them) in consciousness. We have stories about how they “got there” so to speak, but the thing is that those stories are also in our consciousness. All we know is that the experiences of birds and trees arises and also subsides- in consciousness. They are created in consciousness at the very moment of experience and not some time in the past. If you read YATU you might enjoy the discussion on time too, along with the discussion about origin.
I hope this clarified my question to some extent. It is just meant as food for thought if you should enjoy it 🙂