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Thanks for ferreting out the essential question here, @aurorac! So yes, I would love the authors, @deepakchopra and @menask to weigh in on this question: “How do we know?”

In my experience as a science writer, knowing comes from the scientific method: hypothesis, test, assess, report on the facts and await independent testing for confirmation. That, of course, reflects knowing in the material world, which we now understand to be made up of the qualia of human experience.

The scientific method no longer applies to measure the evidence of consciousness. In my experience as a fiction writer and explorer of conscious awareness, “knowing” comes to me in stillness, walks in nature, in prayer, and in dreaming and waking states when I set my mind free of the constraints of my conditioning.

How do you experience it? Is it any less “real” for lacking “evidence” and replicability? How do we know it to be true?

Thank you for your wisdom on this!