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Diane E. Harper
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I seem to keep coming back to what in my mind is the smallest place/time and that keeps me at a constant that I can understand. Something – Anything is or isn’t. On or off. I compare this to the symbols on our technology … 0 or 1. The space between the two states is the shortest possible TIME and the smallest possible SPACE. Then it is a knowing of or awareness of choice or INTENT. Awareness of the God principle active through me and knowing that my focus gives life to a thing. That is to activate what is already there to go in the direction of my (most often) subconscious or conscious thoughts. I feel strongly that we are making up our worlds as we go. What we focus on gets bigger. Bigger has more mass. Mass has gravity. The more gravity … the more attention. When I (you, me) hold an idea in thought we have an agreement to join our thoughts to an outcome. Good or bad is subjective. What we call good must be (if we are in our right mind) good for all because that is US being in alinement with expansion that is growth for all. Good for all. And here a reminder that growth just for growths sake is cancer.
If the universe is expanding then it seems reasonable that we are inclined to do the same. I truly believe that there are only two choices available to us … extend love or project fear.
Peace and thank you!