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Shivansh Mahajan
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Namaste @aum-krishna,

Here, I am a believer of GOD- the ultimate source of all that exists. I hope you agree with me on that?
I am not an expert now, but I want to try sharing my opinion. I feel that specifically in discussions in spirituality, words can be easily misunderstood or not even understood. But shouldn’t we be mindful of the fact that after all, they are ‘words’? I think that confusion or words or contexts must not invade a discussion which is driven by ‘purpose of words’ and not just ‘words’ themselves. So, you should not feel bad about such mere use of words which is bound to vary across cultures. Don’t you think that already our world is suffering so much from tensions and disputes just because someone said something which they should not say? What I want to say is that instead of feeling unpleasant with the use of words used in context with God; you, I and we all should rather feel the love and bliss of God, ultimate reality or pure consciousness (different Words for same “____”).
Also, you said that you don’t wish to read the book as you don’t feel comfortable with the title. My friend, unless you don’t experience others’ experience, how can you even talk of their viewpoint? I am sure that reading about view points other than your own, won’t affect the strength of your belief. Please don’t judge without experiencing. I have nothing and don’t even wish to argue against your belief. I can feel the truth in it!

May God bless you.

With Love,