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Shivansh Mahajan
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Aum Krishna,

Thank you for responding. I do understand your point of view, and to me it seems that you consider the title of the book saying ‘You Are the Universe’ to be a disrespect to the Ultimate Creator of the universe. Correct me if I am wrong.
I would humbly request you to consider this for a moment- There are people out there who believe quite confidently that the words such as Atman, Brahman, Parmatan, and other words of wisdom as preached by the Gita do no more than to confuse people with false believes of spirituality, and rather Bible is the only way to God. They don’t want to even acknowledge the belief other than their own. In this case, the wisdom in Gita is considered nonsensical. And I have experienced hearing this myself. So, would you call those people right to say that?
What I want to clarify here is that it appears that you are literally judging a book by its cover, my friend. Even if you don’t think the ideology and the paradigm of this book is not what you believe, you may read it to analyze deeper into what actually the authors wish to convey through such a title. That is definitely not going to stifle your rich beliefs; you know that and I am sure too. But if you read, then we all can have a deeper and more meaningful discussion over the book. Personally, from reading the book, I can say that what’s inside is far more deeper in meaning and context than the title itself. If you choose to read it, you will have a beautiful experience.

Thank you for considering to read my suggestion.