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Aum Krishna
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Dear Shivansh

Responding to your questions in sections below
You say
“I do understand your point of view, and to me it seems that you consider the title of the book saying ‘You Are the Universe’ to be a disrespect to the Ultimate Creator of the universe. Correct me if I am wrong.”

– I don’t think you have read all my posts. Nevertheless, this is not disrespecting Creator of Universe,words like “God or whatever you call it”, these words are disrespectful.
The concern I have with the title is that You are the Universe is not the ultimate reality and if it is it is superficial. Do please read all my posts as I do not intend to clarify every point all over again, thanks.

“I would humbly request you to consider this for a moment- There are people out there who believe quite confidently that the words such as Atman, Brahman, Parmatan, and other words of wisdom as preached by the Gita do no more than to confuse people with false believes of spirituality, and rather Bible is the only way to God. They don’t want to even acknowledge the belief other than their own. In this case, the wisdom in Gita is considered nonsensical. And I have experienced hearing this myself. So, would you call those people right to say that?”

– It may be confusing for people doesn’t mean what is spoken is not true. Infact , being endorsed by Dr. Chopra himself is the basis why the holy book is mentioned here in the first place.
You say, have experienced yourself learning that the preaching from Geeta is nonsensical and if I consider that right?

I do not want to make judgements regarding your learning journey. As answered above The Geeta comes from revered source and consists of wealth of knowledge which depending from person to person may or may not be understood and if understood as well, it may or may not always be easy to follow.

As far as real love for God goes, when there is real love there is no argument so whether someone believes The Geeta or not whether someone believes The holy Bible or not, with real love comes real understanding.

Thank you for urging me to read the book. 🙂 I’m answering questions here because I’m asked, else I have no interest to be in the forum.

Kindest regards

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