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Diane E. Harper
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Hey, Jennifer
In my understanding any ‘leaving’ would only be the person (consciousness) not seeing or allowing for the source to still be connected to us.
I did not create myself. Therefore there must be a creator or an OTHER.
On an everyday level one may be in a state of misunderstanding self and holding up illusory blocks to truth which is that the creator cannot be separated from the creation. All parts of the creator are also in the created. So ‘source’ (if I’m understanding you correctly) is that state where we understand that separation is an illusion brought on by the belief that something else stands in the way. Blocks to the truth of ourselves can be in many forms but all dictate that we are nor can we be a perfect being as our myth stories tell us. Example; I cannot be God because I have flaws and I know that God is flawless. This kind of thinking implies that separation is fact and forgets that all is PROCESS. This is what (as I understand it) is meant by there is no such thing death nor birth. All is process. Unending. Without starts or stops. World without end. Amen!
Love the conversation!