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Hi Diane,

In today’s live Facebook video, Deepak said that time is the movement of thought that separates the observer from the observed. For the first time, it became so clear to me what timelessness is about. Similarly, when we’re talking about the particle/wave theory, or even the identity between God and the individual, we’re looking at a perceived separation, as you mention above so eloquently.

I just opened YATU (pg. 95) where the question is being answered, “Where did time come from?”

It’s a perception and an experience we created. The authors go on to say that the only real time is now or in the present moment.

It’s a bit of a mind walk, but when I look at the particle/wave theory in terms of this knowledge regarding time, I think ‘What particle? What wave? What’s remaining?’ Perhaps the present moment holds the key to answering these questions.

Yes, the conversation makes my day! <3