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Ana Sanjuan
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Hi Menas and everyone!

Here is a question from Deepak and Menas: Is the universe alive in the sense that life is one of its primary properties? And is also the underlying reality Consciousness, which means the other primary property is conscious Awareness? If the answer to both is yes, then randomness may allow for free will and be the driving force, rather than lead to the multiverse with no purpose, no aim, no direction.

What comes to mind for me is that yes, the universe is alive and is aware. These are primary. Randomness creates the possibility for iteration. This iteration can be creativity or intentional free will. So like an artist with a blank canvas, some of the paint strokes are intentional, and some are creatively iterative- meaning free form, unplanned, but continually emergent.

As we humans are consciousness- are extensions of source- our free will actively creatives the universe as well. Choice around acting in harmony, unity, peace, love versus division, blame, shame creates an imprint on the universe.


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