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Ana Sanjuan
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Ahh big subject.

On one hand, we can say that we are all soul mates- all incarnated at this space-time domain. In the Yogic tradition, we would say that we all incarnated at this time for a purpose specific to humanity’s evolution.

But if we want to create a distinction between people we feel resonance with, compared to those we don’t, then I would say there are different types of soulmates that I have experienced in my life.

I am blessed with soul mates who I define as those are dedicated to my soul’s growth, as I am dedicated to theirs. These soul mates have been in my life through many passages; childhood, adolescence, early adulthood, and onward. I know they are committed to my growth unconditionally, and we are each other’s confidantes through our deeply souls’ journey. We bring each other comfort, joy, perspective and love. A common characteristic of these soul mates is that we became deep fast friends quickly- almost as if we were meeting each other “again.”

Another type of soul mates are those I believe I came to support, or be supported, through powerful karmic experiences, such as tragic death or learning a significant soul lesson. For example, during 9/11 I lost a friend on Flight 93, and I remain a primary support to his wife and daughter. As we lived through that experience it felt very clear to us that this was all part of a plan,(even 9/11 was destiny). She and I believe that we (she, our deceased beloved, and I) have lived through similar experiences before and that we should feel peace about it. This is how we felt naturally and also what we received in messages from our deceased friend. These soul mates are laden with feelings of intuition and synchronicity.

Finally, there is the romantic soul mate. I am blessed to have “love at first sight” 18 years ago when I met my husband, now the father of my two children. This soul mate meets the two definitions I outline above, and also there is the intimacy and feeling of being each other’s romantic beloveds.

Sometimes I meet total strangers and feel immediately as if I have known them well- almost as of I move into another dimension with them. This to me is another soul mate, although I may not stay in relationship with them. Rathe it is a sweet hello and passing.

It is good to think about this- knowing all along that we all come from one source- we are all differentiated expression of ‘one.”

Love- Ana

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