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Diane E. Harper
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As best I can;
Asking if something is alive or if there is life ( in – past present and future) seems to me a moot point. Everything is alive and even dead grass is in process of becoming something else. Dare I say that even rocks are in process? Everything is alive. Despite our awareness of it. Therein lies a key point; awareness! Life is whether we are aware or not. Life doesn’t wait on our understanding of it or its expression … in Deepak’s words; Human Construct. The universe is alive and we are creating in OUR image within its construct. As an order of events I might say life … like love is always present and we manipulate according to our fear or understanding of love or life.
If I were a scientist I feel that I’d go INTO my studies with an understanding that life is not of us therefore we can only discover and manipulate and add labels to any found thing. Life does not need our awareness of it. It is (in my mind) we who find, name and use what we find. Awareness seems to me a human construct and I need it to understand who I am and how I fit into the larger scheme of existence.
My awareness at some point in future time my mean that I will literally become aware and instantly respond to that awareness. I believe things can be changed but that life isn’t of me but I can manipulate it. There is no such thing as a dead planet. That place between on or off, something or nothing, is my mystery point. Yes, the universe is alive and we have a play in it. Life will go it’s way until we mess with it and I believe we are messing with it. Peace and thank you, Diane (but I haven’t finished the book yet!)

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