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Diane E. Harper
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Hello, Jennifer (and anyone else!)
I have made so many notes and highlighted so many parts of this book and I have blank books ready for more cohesive thoughts!
The various steps one could take (in my experience) can come about as the spirit moves you I suppose! Any time that I feel off balance I find myself going back to my anchor point and that is to remember that I am creating the world as I go. I am using my god power to create at all times. Again, space and time is not of God but of MY making. Time and place are human constructs. The power of the creator is the constant. I bend and twist it (God power) when and where I want for my own perceived needs.
So I’m not sure I can speak in terms of a next step, but I can speak for how I am using what I’ve learned from my studies to be in the process of my own evolution. It’s always in fits and starts. Rarely is the path smooth! But here is a point I’d like to put out there … there are no tests, math or experiments to prove what we are endeavoring to do. The proof of this pudding will be in the answer to the question ‘does it (what we are testing) work?’ Do we have verifiable results? That will be a bit trickier to prove. I’ve only the results of my personal issues that tell me that my changed mind has changed my life! Conscious living at all times is my goal. To me all the wisdom and all the science to this point have been trying to tell us the same thing. Deepak has reminded me that spiritual language should not be used in a scientific conversation!!!

Peace and thank you, Diane