Reply To: Einstein and Tagore: Belief in a divine in relationship to humans &.the world

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Menas Kafatos
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Dear Richa:

God is not isolated from the world. I am not sure this is what Einstein really advocated as he talked often about the God being experienced in rational understanding of the cosmos. But he believed in an external cosmos independent of the human mind. We know and the quantum paradigm states the same that our universe is participatory. We can say as the ancient sages that the world exists because of existence-awareness-completeness. This triunal nature is the divine and it manifests in all aspects of the world. The world is not a physical substance, it is conscious Awareness as a living and evolving Reality. Now Tagore is right that the infinite personality of a human being comprehends the universe. But I would emphasize, not the limited, finite human mind which understands itself as limited. The human mind has to expand and realize its true nature as infinite Mind.